First Nations Location Project

In this project, you will be required to research a particular location that has been linked to First Nations culture. Once you have been given a location, you will need to include the following information in a handout format:

  • Title and your name
  • A map of where this is located
  • A picture of this location and the important aspects of it
  • Which nation likely used this location?
  • What information have we gathered about this location using archaeological procedures?
  • What information have we gathered about this location from indigenous ways of knowing?
  • What is the generally accepted purpose of this location?
  • Any other, interesting facts that you found about this location.

Be sure to cite your resources, for now, just keep a list and we will work on the citations afterwards.

The final product for this project should be a blog post that contains a minimum of 300 words and include a minimum of 2 pictures. You may choose to put all of your information into a Word document to start.

The locations that you may choose from are:

  • Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump
  • Moose Mountain Medicine Wheel
  • Victor Petroglyphs
  • Brockinton (in Manitoba)
  • Suffield Tipi Rings
  • Zephyr Creek Pictographs
  • Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Please tell Mrs. Taylor your choice before starting.


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