First Nations Handouts

Today we will be sharing our First Nations handouts that we created.

1) Sign into your email and download the handout that your group created to your My Documents folder.

2) Sign into your blog and create a new post. You can title your post something to do with First Nations Handouts.

3) In your post, you must reference your group members by FIRST NAMES ONLY and link their names to their blogs. We will do this as a class.

4) You must share your handout on your blog. We will do this as a class.

5) You must write a reflection and short summary of the assignment on your blog. You should include 2 things that you already knew and 2 things that you learned.

6) Categories and Tags: You need to create a new category “First Nations” and include relevant tags to your post.

7) If you complete this, you can start your Current Event for November (or finish your Current Event for October).

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